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DX Spots

The DX tab displays the DX spot table. DX spots are collected in real time and displayed in a formatted table.

Each row of the table consists of two lines containing the following information.
  1. Line one contains the DX station call sign, frequency, and UTC time of the spot
  2. Line two displays the spotter’s call sign and comment

Log Book Entry

Tap a row to select the spot and create a log book entry.


After you tap a spot, the log book entry is displayed. The following information from the spot is automacitally entered into the log book entry:

  1. DX call sign
  2. Frequency
  3. Mode
  4. Time On
  5. Time Of
  6. Default RST sent and received
  7. DXCC country
  8. Your current location. Grid Square and Latitude/Longitude. (Location services for DxSpot must be enabled.)
  9. Distance and Bearing to the DX station
  10. DXCC prefix, CQ and ITU Zone, Continent

If your QRL XML credentials have been entered (see Settings) then the following fields will be automatically entered:

  1. Operator Name
  2. QSL Information
  3. IOTA
  4. DX Station Grid Square, Latitude/Longitude
  5. DX eMail address
  6. Address
  7. Country
  8. State
  9. County

All data fields can be edited.

Tap the "Tap to Log Contact" button to save the entry in the log book.

If you edit any field after the contact has been logged, the save button changes to "Update Contact". You must save your changes.  Tap the Update Contact button to save changes.

To cancel changes, tap the DX back button  and return to the Dx Spot table.

Dx Spot Detail Display

Tap the disclosure button at the end of each row to display spot details.


 DXCC Entity Display

Tap the Country field of the DX or spotter call sign to display DXCC country information


QRZ.COM Display

Tap the Call sign field of either the DX station or the Spotter to display the QRZ.COM WEB page for that station.

If QRZ XML credentials have been set then the following is displayed.



DXCC Entity World Map Display

Tap the map or the Lat/Lon field to display the DXCC country location on the world map.


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