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The WWV tab displays a list of WWV reports. The cluster you are connected to determines the number of reports in the table.

Each WWV report consists of the Date, Hour, Solar Flux Index (SFI), A index, K index the current forecast followed by the forecast for the next 24-hours.

The SFI, A and K index numeric values are evaluate and displayed on a colored background. The background color visually represents the value as they pertain to good operating conditions. Shades of green color indicate good values, shades of yellow indicate medium values and shades of red indicates poor values.

The WWV report contains the following information:
  1. Date - The date of the WWV report
  2. Hour - The hour of the day of the report
  3. SFI - Solar Flux Index
  4. A - A index
  5. K - K index
  6. Forecast – Space weather for the past 24 hours followed by the next 24-hour prediction



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